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There are many possible causes of water damage, from severe storms and basement flooding to burst pipes, overflows, and leaks. However, the result is always the same – your property is at risk because of how easily and quickly water damage spreads through porous furnishings and building materials. Not only that, but mold can grow as a result of water damage in as little as 24 hours. It is critical to contact professional water damage restoration experts if you notice even the smallest of leaks penetrating your property.

At NuEra Enterprises, we provide complete water damage restoration services to help affected homes and businesses in Bartlett, IL. Our technicians utilize specialized water extraction and dehumidification equipment as well as advanced techniques to remove all excess water and moisture from the premises. Call us at (847) 217-1036 for fast-response flood cleanup services.

Flood Cleanup and Water Restoration in Bartlett, IL

No matter what level of water damage has affected your property, our technicians at NuEra Enterprises, Inc are prepared to help. We use advanced water extraction and dehumidification equipment to remove the water and dry the affected areas. We will also restore the damaged materials and address mold growth if needed.

Our water damage restoration services in Bartlett, IL include all of the following procedures:

Step 1

Timely Response and Open Communication:
We are available 24 hours a day to take your call and will immediately send a highly trained team of technicians to your location. We will also keep you updated about our plans and progress.

Step 2

Initial Inspection:
We will perform an initial inspection in order to assess the full extent of existing water damage in affected areas.

Step 3

Water Extraction and Drying:
We extract all excess water and moisture from your property while drying affected areas with our advanced equipment and techniques.

Step 4

Mold Removal:
If mold has taken hold of your property, we can remove it.

Step 5

We can implement complete reconstruction to rebuild homes and buildings that have suffered from severe water damage

Step 6

Final Inspection:
We will perform a final inspection to ensure that your property is returned to its original condition.

flood damage restoration service - NuEra Enterprises

Flood Damage Cleanup

Indoor flooding can cause serious damage to your property and leave you overwhelmed about what to do next. Our professionals at NuEra Enterprises can help with the flood damage cleanup.

We will strategically remove the standing flood water using advanced extraction equipment to avoid additional damage and warping. We will then dry the affected areas and materials using dehumidifiers and air movers and restore the area to its pre-flood condition with thorough cleaning and restoration.

Sewage Backup Cleanup and Water Damage Restoration - NuEra Enterprises

Sewage Backup Cleanup

If a home or business is affected by a sewage backup or flooded with contaminated water, this creates a dangerous situation. Sewage gets absorbed in affected furnishings and building materials which leads to permanent damage, and the sewage contains harmful viruses and bacteria that can spread disease and infection. The best action to take is to avoid areas affected by sewage and call NuEra Enterprises right away.

Our technicians can safely remove sewage-contaminated water as well as building materials and furnishings that have suffered permanent damage. We will also clean and disinfect the affected areas to restore safe conditions.

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Tips from Your Local Restoration Professionals for Water Damage

Water Extraction – What to Do

  • Contact NuEra Enterprises right away.
  • Mop up excess water.
  • Remove area rugs, but not permanent carpeting.
  • Keep your drapes up and off of the floor.
  • Wipe excess water off of furniture, and place tin foil or plastic wrap between furniture legs and the ground.
  • Store personal belongings in a dry and secure location.
  • Keep water-damaged books and documents packed tightly on shelves to prevent page warping until they can be properly treated.
  • Open doors and windows to improve air circulation.

Water Removal – What NOT to Do

  • Do not walk in standing water.
  • Do not attempt to remove water with a standard home vacuum.
  • Do not remove permanent flooring.
  • Do not use appliances until they are inspected and deemed safe for use.
  • Do not attempt to clean up mold, as this could spread its spores if done improperly.

Insurance Claim Assistance

Our team at NuEra Enterprises works with all major insurance carriers in the Chicagoland area. If your home is damaged due to a disaster such as a fire or water damage, you should reach out to your insurance provider as well as our professionals. We will work with your insurance provider to help manage your claim and ensure that they provide the right coverage according to the terms of your policy. The insurance providers we work with include Farmers Insurance, Progressive, Liberty Mutual, Traveler’s Insurance, State Farm, and more.

Water Damage Frequently Asked Questions

Call Us for Water Damage Repair in Bartlett, IL

If your property structure has been severely damaged from water or a flood in the Bartlett, IL area, don’t hesitate to call NuEra Enterprises at (847) 217-1036. We are available to provide emergency water damage restoration and we can work with your insurance if needed.

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Water Damage Repair

Raquel H.

We moved into our new home and we found out we had a leak from our kitchen to our basement! Our move had already been delayed and the stress levels were rising. Our Nu Era tech Chris was not only on time but first thing in the morning. Upon arrival he got straight to work on the area where the leak happened. He assessed the damages cleaned everything up and left us with a peace of mind.  I’m so happy we were serviced by a informative technician that got the job done. Thanks Chris if we need anything else we will definitely request you!


Water Damage Restoration

Kendra G.

Our Basement Flooded. Sherron and crew were professional, courteous and efficient. The assessment of damages was a process that took little to no time. They quickly began the extraction and each step along the way I was informed of what’s next. The stairs leading to my basement weren’t damaged but were in need of a cleaning and they went ahead and cleaned and sanitized those too! My basement doesn’t even feel like a basement anymore! It smells so good still. Definitely would use them in a non-emergent way again!


Carpet Cleaning

Shawn & Andrew presented themselves  professionally & their work showed for it! I am pleased with how my carpet turned out & it smells so good. I cant stop smiling 😄. Thank you!!!


Painting Services

Jessica R. 

I hired NuEra to paint my kitchen cabinets. Erick and Naftali did a truly excellent job. Erick in particular, who spent the most time at my apartment, was extremely meticulous. He even insisted on painting two cabinets with different finishes for me, to begin, just so I could compare them side by side to be sure I liked my choice. He also took great care to keep my apartment clean -much cleaner than after the last time I hired someone to do work in my apartment. 100 percent recommend.