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One of the most significant features of a room or office is the carpeting, as it is often the first thing guests see when they walk in.  If the carpet is dirty, faded, worn out, or stained, it could have a negative effect on the room’s appearance.

NuEra Enterprises provided comprehensive cleaning services to homes and businesses in Bartlett, Illinois, and the surrounding areas. We can effectively remove dirt and stains from a variety of carpet and upholstery types by using state-of-the-art equipment and cleaning products. Furthermore, we are capable of repairing and restoring carpets that have been damaged by mildew, water, or fire.

Trusted Professional Services

24h Professional Carpet Cleaning by NuEra Enterprises

Household Carpet Cleaning

Your home’s carpeting will eventually become dirty and discolored as a result of dust, debris, and other particles becoming embedded in the fibers. Pet accidents and spills can also leave stains on carpets and area rugs and the fibers can absorb the odors. Tough stains and deeply embedded debris require professional carpet cleaning, but some dirt and particle accumulation can be eliminated with routine vacuuming.

At NuEra Enterprises, we use cleaning solutions that are safe for people and pets and incredibly effective in removing built up dirt and stains. To clean area rugs and carpets, we employ the hot water extraction procedure. Using this method, dirt and particles are released from the carpet fibers when soaked in a mix of hot water and our eco-friendly cleanser. Subsequently, the solution and dirt are eliminated, returning the carpet to its initial state. Stains can also be treated with strong stain removers.

The life of your carpets can be extended, and their color and texture restored by having them professionally cleaned. Carpet cleaning also contributes to the improvement of the living environment by getting rid of dust and other irritants.

Removal of stains

We are able to get rid of any form of stain from carpets and upholstery.

Pet odor treatments

We use our powerful deodorization techniques to get rid of pet odors from the carpets.

Carpet patches and repairs

We are capable of repairing and patching broken carpets.

Disaster Restoration

We are able to clean and repair carpets following a fire, flood, or mold infestation.

Powerful heated truck-mounted cleaning systems

A powerful heating system is integrated to heat the cleaning solution. The heated water or steam enhances the cleaning process by breaking down dirt, stains, and grease more effectively compared to using cold water.

Cleaning of grout and tile

Our professionals are equipped to remove debris from grout lines, clean tile surfaces, and apply a new layer of sealant.

Upholstery Deep Cleaning - NuEra Enterprises

Services for Cleaning Upholstery

Similar to carpets, upholstery is susceptible to stains as well as the buildup of dirt and debris that can harm the material’s quality and appearance.  The accumulated debris can become abrasive against the upholstery, causing the fabric to lose its color and become worn down. Call our professional upholstery cleaners for the best possible protection for your furniture investment.

Many upholstery materials can be cleaned and restored by our professionals at NuEra Enterprises using the hot water extraction method. We can treat stains and clean the upholstery fabric to remove dirt and particle buildup and return the furniture to its original state. With our secure and effective upholstery cleaning services, your furniture will last longer.

professional commercial carpet cleaning by NuEra Enterprises

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Commercial and office carpeting experiences high foot traffic, which hastens wear and degradation if routine cleaning is not done. An old or dirty carpet can have a negative effect on the way your office or building looks, which may reflect poorly on your company. 

Our specialists at NuEra Enterprises can effectively clean carpets in commercial spaces by employing hot water extraction methods to remove dirt and debris and clean stains. Routine business carpet cleaning services will safeguard your investment by prolonging the life of the carpet in addition to maintaining the professional appearance of your workspace or office.

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If you need help getting the carpets and furniture in your home or place of business properly cleaned, NuEra Enterprises is here to help.  Our IICRC-certified technicians use safe, non-toxic cleaning solutions and tried-and-true methods to completely clean and restore carpets and upholstery for a longer lifespan and a fresh look.

Call (847) 217-1036 to find out more about our professional carpet and upholstery cleaning services in Bartlett, Illinois, and the surrounding areas.

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Water Damage Repair

Raquel H.

We moved into our new home and we found out we had a leak from our kitchen to our basement! Our move had already been delayed and the stress levels were rising. Our Nu Era tech Chris was not only on time but first thing in the morning. Upon arrival he got straight to work on the area where the leak happened. He assessed the damages cleaned everything up and left us with a peace of mind.  I’m so happy we were serviced by a informative technician that got the job done. Thanks Chris if we need anything else we will definitely request you!


Water Damage Restoration

Kendra G.

Our Basement Flooded. Sherron and crew were professional, courteous and efficient. The assessment of damages was a process that took little to no time. They quickly began the extraction and each step along the way I was informed of what’s next. The stairs leading to my basement weren’t damaged but were in need of a cleaning and they went ahead and cleaned and sanitized those too! My basement doesn’t even feel like a basement anymore! It smells so good still. Definitely would use them in a non-emergent way again!


Carpet Cleaning

Shawn & Andrew presented themselves  professionally & their work showed for it! I am pleased with how my carpet turned out & it smells so good. I cant stop smiling 😄. Thank you!!!


Painting Services

Jessica R. 

I hired NuEra to paint my kitchen cabinets. Erick and Naftali did a truly excellent job. Erick in particular, who spent the most time at my apartment, was extremely meticulous. He even insisted on painting two cabinets with different finishes for me, to begin, just so I could compare them side by side to be sure I liked my choice. He also took great care to keep my apartment clean -much cleaner than after the last time I hired someone to do work in my apartment. 100 percent recommend.